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Red Circle Lifetime Planning  Lets plan now for a  brighter future  

As we journey through life, our situations change.  
Some of these changes are to be expected, while others may appear a little trickier to predict. One thing is for sure: they all impact upon your cashflow. However thanks to cashflow modelling, we can work to negate the negative effects of those changes and keep your finances healthy: now, next year and long into the future 

Red Circle Cashflow Modelling  Better informed, better prepared 

Our bespoke cashflow modelling software enables you to answer many of the vital questions about your future, so that you can plan your finances with genuine confidence. 
Starting with your current levels of expenditure, we look ahead with you and consider the effects of your future plans upon them. Where appropriate, we factor in education costs for your children, paying off your mortgage, travel plans in retirement or even buying a holiday home. 
We examine where your income will come from – will it purely be from your salary, or do you have other sources? What will the impact be if you reduce your level of work, or even stop altogether? Do you anticipate progression up the management ladder at work? What do you have in place in terms of pensions or investments? 
We also look at how any lump sum expenditure, such as helping your children with a housing deposit, paying for a wedding or moving house will affect your cashflow levels. 
Does it all sounds a little complicated? 
Don’t worry. We’ll walk you through the cashflow modelling process step by step to ensure that we get the clearest possible picture of your expenditure year by year, and work out which source of income or capital is going to pay for it. 
That way we can identify any gaps long before they appear and plan for them. 
You’ll get an interactive report and a paper copy as part of your financial plan. 
Not to mention financial peace of mind to last you a lifetime. 
Are you ready to change things for the better? 
Red Circle Financial Planning. Plan your future, enjoy it with us. 
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