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As with most things in life, it is difficult to predict exactly how things will work out for your business. 
It’s wise to be plan ahead so that any unforeseen eventualities can be dealt with without damaging that which you have worked so hard to build up. 
That’s why Red Circle’s Full Business Planning and Protection Review could make all the difference. 


If you’re in a business partnership you could find yourself facing similar problems to those outlined above. 
However the situation could be even more critical as there is no legal basis for a partnership. 
Fortunately, Red Circle can help. We’ll help you to put in place a partnership agreement and provide the legal and financial framework to protect the business should a partner die or fall seriously ill. 

Shareholder Protection 

What happens if one of the owners of your business dies? What happens to their company shares? What if a shareholder suffers a serious illness and needs to leave? 
Often those shares will pass to a relative who may have no direct involvement or interest in the business. 
Whatever happens, Red Circle can arrange the correct legal structure to protect shareholders and their controlling stake in the business. 

Loan Protection 

There comes a time when many businesses need to turn to financial packages such as commercial loans, overdrafts or equipment finance. Lenders will usually require that cover is in place to repay debt if any of the owners or key people in the business die – it is standard business practice. 
If you are to take out a loan, then speak to Red Circle about Loan Protection schemes first to ensure that you get the best deal. 
Don’t worry. Red Circle can arrange the correct legal structure for you to enable this to happen. That way the control of the business stays with the shareholders and a lump sum payment goes to the spouse, children or ill shareholder to give them financial security when they need it most. 

Key Person Cover 

Every company has someone who is integral their profitability and success. Someone with outstanding product and industry knowledge or a roster of vital sales contacts. 
If you lose that person through death or ill health, the business can suffer immediately. Profits can drop, operations can falter and you could even see the survival of the company at stake. 
If this could happen to your business then we need to discuss Key Person Cover. It arranges a structured framework to provide your business with a cash lump sum to enable you to find, recruit and train a replacement should you need to, or support the business until the key staff member is able to return. 
Are you ready to change things for the better? 
Red Circle Financial Planning. Your business is better protected. 
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